For low-income Massachusetts residents with disabilities, the Long Term Device Loan Program provides free long-term loans of assistive technology devices costing less than $500. The assistive technology devices must be reusable (i.e. computers, bed shakers, etc) and not customized (i.e. eyeglasses). Please review the eligibility requirements and annual income chart below to see if the Long Term Device Loan Program is right for you.

adult woman helping a disabled child how to use a tablet

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Must be a Massachusetts resident with a disability or acting on behalf of a relative with a disability.

  2. Due to the limited financial resources to fund this program, we ask that all other alternative funding options must be exhausted before applying for the Long Term Device Loan Program.

  3. Cannot exceed the household income limit. (see chart below)

  4. The requested device must be under $500, including all additional taxes and shipping costs.

  5. There are no returns with this program unless the device arrives damaged or defective. Devices arriving damaged or defective must be communicated to the program staff within 7 days of the delivery date. There is no guarantee that a new device can be purchased.

  6. All sections of the application must be complete to be considered. A checklist at the bottom of this web page is provided for your convenience.

  7. The device must be reusable. (i.e. computer, bed shaker, portable ramp). Special device customization, software, warranties, etc are not eligible for this program. Contact the program staff for device eligibility questions.

  8. The applicant or person acting on behalf of the applicant must provide a vendor quote from a reputable source. (i.e. a print out from a web page or copy of a page from a catalog with the description and cost of the device.) The applicant or person acting on behalf of the applicant, not the Alternative Finance Program staff, must find the eligible device.

  9. Final approval is determined by the Alternative Finance Program staff.

  10. Please see our FAQ section for more information and answers to common loan program questions.

Family Size (household size)

Annual Income (per year)

















Each additional person


Online Application Form

Before You Submit

Before submitting this application, did you…

  1. Attach a formal, written quote on a vendor’s company letterhead, including ordering information or a print out from a reputable source including the device, price, and vendor?

  2. Attach proof of income**?

    • If self-employed, attach your IRS tax returns (including all schedules) for the past two years.

    • If employed, attach two (2) months of your most recent pay stubs from your employer.

    • If you receive SSDI or SSI, attach your most recent award letter that you received showing your benefits income.

      **If you have additional income such as rental, child support etc, acceptable documentation includes:

      • a) copies of court documents verifying this income


      • b) copies of IRS tax returns (including all schedules) for the past two years.

  3. Attach a proof of Massachusetts residency? A copy of one of the following.

    • Driver’s license

    • Voter’s registration

    • Utility bill in your name

    • Non-driver’s ID

  4. Attach an acceptable documentation of disability? A copy of one of the following.

    • A signed doctor’s letter

    • SSDI or benefits award letter

  5. Complete all parts of the application?

    • If a question does not apply to you, write N/A or draw a line through that field so we know that you did not forget to answer any questions.

  6. Sign and date the Certification & Release Statement and Lease Agreement in ink?